Music Media Placements


We are looking to assist you in gaining maximum exposure for you and your brand. Whether you are a music artist, clothing designer, producer or a public figure; media and press exposure is critical in the advancement of your career.

What To Expect

We are offering our customers demographic specific media placements in a number of online publications. Please note that these placements are GUARANTEED UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE.

All packages include a custom press release created by our PR Team that upon completion and review becomes full property of the customer. (Please note* any placement might not reflect full press release, as publications tend to scale down for scale reasons).

All placement packages are for 1 customer and can not be split.

Beginner Placements

(Fan Reach 15,000+)

3 sites for $50.00
6 sites for $80.00
10 sites for $165.00
15 sites for $275.00

Sites to choose from:

Mid Exposure Placements

(Fan Reach 87,000+)


Choose 10 from these sites:

High Exposure Placements

(Fan Reach 2.5 mil +)

$250 + Admin Fee

10 sites $250.00 base + (administration fee) listed next to site. Can also choose from Mid Exposure Sites. ($50.00) ($70.00) ($70.00) ($150.00) ($150.00)
HolidaySeasonLive ($150.00) ($180.00) ($225.00) ($250.00)

Pending Approval Placements

(Fan Reach 5 mil+)

$250 + Admin Fee

10 sites $250.00 base + (administration fee) listed next to site.

*Administration fee will only be collected if write-up is accepted.

Can be mixed with Mid and High Exposure Sites ($130.00) ($130.00) ($150.00) ($150.00) ($250.00) ($580.00)

Music Video Placements – $500 – $500.00
Apple Music TV (on itunes, iWatch, Apple TV music channels) – $500
Music Choice Audio Channel – $1800
Music Choice On-Demand Video Channel – $3000
Revolt TV “The Gate Show” – $3500
BETJAMS – $4500
MTVU – $4500.00
FUSE TV – $4500.00