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How Does It Work?

We take your video (full music videos are best), single cover, album/mixtape cover and link to what you’re promoting.

We post to our Instagram account (Over 18K followers).

We also post your content on our blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Advertising Work?

We take your video, link, or post it on our Instagram account to our audience.

What are the best things to promote?

If you’re promoting a video (music vids, promo vids, interviews, etc.), we suggest you send us the full video file so that we can shop it around our networks.

If you’re promoting a music single, we suggest a single cover, promo video, or a preview snippet video for the song.

It you’re promoting a whole album/mixtape, it’s best to have promo video materials for the album. Album covers are great too! Also have a direct link to the album.